Thursday, October 23, 2008

Week 21: What's up, doc?

Week 21 at 1121 and our grape is now the size of a carrot according to our friends at, who have a team of researchers working on produce-to-baby conversions around the clock.

Well, our wascally wabbit is definitely discovering his little legs. Elisa said his kicks have been become stronger and more frequent. He seems to be most active after she eats and then sits or lays down, which we both hope is a habit he breaks soon after his birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, we've passed the half way point now and we got a peek this week at what we have to look forward to in March. Our friends Cindy and Brian welcomed their first child, a boy named Finn, into the world today.

Congrats to the Walkers!

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Cherise said...

Isn't a banana bigger than a carrot? I really feel like the people at babycenter are not sufficiently familiar with the usual sizes of these fruits and vegetables. Is this someone who normally buys the smallish bananas? Or do they live somewhere with access to really huge carrots?