Thursday, December 25, 2008

Week 30: More cabbage, please!

Our little dude has hit the big three-oh. 30 weeks. Wow. They grow so fast. I remember when he was just 10 weeks old. Just a surprise in his dad's eye.

He's now the size of a cabbage, around 15-inches long and about 3 pounds, which is a lot for little Elisa to carry. He's learned some new tricks over the past week. He can get his little feet under mom's ribs and now sometimes when he kicks he can actually make an impression in Elisa's stomach.

Elisa's ever-growing belly has also caused her to start sighing frequently. To which, without fail, I always ask, "What's wrong?!" It's just the grape taking up more space she tells me, but I'm starting to get my antennae up for early signs of labor.

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