Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nursery by Gregg (and Loie)! - Comments by Elisa

Beneath a bright, blue sky, cheerful jungle animals now frolic amidst the rolling, green hills of the nursery walls, awaiting their new companion.

Thanks to the Cartys for the Monkey stand-in. We'll post pictures of the occupied crib when the star of the show arrives in a month or so.

Aside from the animals that play along his walls, the baby's new world will contain Where the Wild Things Are, Hop on Pop, Good Night Moon and a comfy chair, where he will hopefully enjoy the song stylings of monkey and parrot.

The blue walrus that so artfully matches the walls was done by my Nana for my cousin Richard. This Christmas, my Aunt Debbie sent him to our little one, noting that, although Nana isn't able to do needlepoint anymore these days, she would be needlepointing and knitting up a storm for her first great-grandchild, if she could. Thank you for the lovely present Richard, Aunt Debbie, and Nana! We'll look at the walrus everyday and think of you!

Also, thanks to Loie for her ever-helpful decorating advice and help painting!

The jungle plants and animals are all decals from Blik Surface Graphics (


lulife said...

That is so very cheery! Nice work.

caroline said...

sooo cute! i love it! :) good luck!

Lindsay said...

Great job on the nursery! The lil guy is lucky to have such cool parents :)

ella and ethan said...

Okay, that room is really cute. Will be even cuter once mini gregg & elisa arrives.