Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Mother's Day Recap

It was a delightful first Mother's Day this weekend. We kicked things off on Friday with a rare dinner out at a local sushi joint. Not to worry, the photo below is not Max, but simply what I found by Googling the words "baby" and "sushi". Isn't the Internet grand?

Saturday was Elisa's day. She opened her presents -- a couple books from me and Winnie and a much-needed new raincoat from little Max.

Notice he went with a green coat - daddy's teaching his Greene Grape all about branding.
Mom wanted to do some gardening, so we picked up some pots and herbs and got our gardenin' on.

Max kept an adorable couple of eyes on the proceedings.

The fun continued Sunday. We celebrated the official Mother's Day with my mom and her official birthday.

Max inked up his paw to make a special Mother's Day present for his mom, grandmas and great grandmas.
Not to give away too much, because Max's gift haven't been delivered yet, but they are really, really cute.

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