Sunday, June 28, 2009

Feeding time at the zoo

Max got his first taste of solid food this afternoon, a mush blend of bland rice cereal. The results were mixed. As you can tell from the photo and video below, he was both interested, perplexed and disgusted.

I think he's holding out for a good burger!

Let's eat!


Lindsay and Mark said...

We tried rice cereal for the 1st time this weekend too! Looks like Max did WAY better than Evan. He was having none of it. And we made the 1st time parent mistake of no bib too. Hahaha!

Cindy said...

Finn gagged on literally every single thing the first time we tried it. That rice cereal smells like dirt, so we added sweet potatoes shortly after trying it for the first time to sweeten the pot a bit. So cute!