Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Max's first vacation in pictures

The first plane ride went smooth. Four hours with minimal fussing. Riding shotgun on mom's lap never hurts either.

Our first night searching for dinner on St. Louis' Washington Street. We found plenty of cool kid bars, but not much more than a pizza joint for the family unit.

Sheryl Crow under the Arch. Fireworks show after. Pretty cool. Sorry the photo just doesn't' do justice to how cool this evening was for the three of us and thousands of our closest friends in St. Louis!

Dad met some pretty cool celebs during the game. Let's say hi first to the star of television's "The Office," the kindly St. Louis native - Jenna Fischer.
Here's me and the star of the '08 Summer Games, gymnast Shawn Johnson. I convinced Shawn to do cartwheels to first base during the Celebrity & Legends Softball Game.

One of the nicest men in the game, Ernie Banks!

Max napping at the Gala and missing out on meeting Tommy John. The Nelly concert put him to sleep, not Mr. John.

Seriously, how cute is this outfit?!

My vantage point of Barack's first pitch from the National League dugout.

Max still showing some hometown pride for the M's in a sea of Cardinal red at the All-Star Game.

Max's personal higlight of the All-Star Game...


Oh, and daddy's badge, too!

My friend Brian from MLB headquarters snaps a pic with Max on-field after the game.

So much excitement in 5 days takes its toll on a little fella.

G'night, St. Louis.

We arrived in Satellite Beach, FL just in time to catch the Space Shuttle launch from 30 miles up the coast. Incredible!

It's really a good thing Max was sleeping when this photo was taken or else we'd be paying for therapy until he was 21.

Max visits with his great nana.

Max's great aunts, nana and mom.

Max's other new friends the manatees, who hung out in the canal in his great nana's backyard.

Max trying to decide if dad can really pull of that hat.

Our little Tiki God.

Time to hit the beach

Max's first steps in the ocean...


I think these two pictures say it all. Our little family had an amazing time.

Now no more photos, please.

Peace out.

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