Sunday, December 20, 2009

Still time to ask Santa for an Aquarium membership?!

We spent Saturday morning with our friends Ben, Mindy and little Ellie at the Seattle Aquarium. Neither Elisa or I had been there since we were kids and the memories were of a cold, damp and dark building with an otter or two and some goldfish.
Ben had raved about how great the recently renovated Aquarium was for toddlers and boy, was he right! The pictures below say it all.
Something's fishy.

Ellie, Ben & the Grape

Max has no fear and plunges in hand first.

Starfish nirvana.

Putting the touch in touch tank.

Maxwell's silver hammer in an octopus' garden.
(A tip of the cap to all the Beatles fans reading the blog)

The smiles say it all. We'll be back at the Aquarium soon!

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