Thursday, September 13, 2012

First day of the second year of preschool

As soon as Max woke up this morning he immediately asked, "Can we go to preschool now?" After three long months of waiting, he was ready to head back to America's greatest preschool, the Seattle PlayGarden.  

To the pictures.

First day outfit complete with his trusty Mariners cap
A short walk (from the car) to school
Just a few steps ahead of us. Can you tell someone is anxious to get back?
Catching up with his ol' pals, the chickens
First art project and one of my new favorite photos
Teacher Liz shows the kids how to paint with a potato
The 8-foot tall caterpillar  hedge. Simply awesome.
And another whimsical topiary flanked by sunflowers.
 Pretty easy to see why one of the new parents told me they felt like they "hit the preschool lottery." 

As his teacher promised at our first orientation, Max came home happy, tired (he took a rare nap) and really, really dirty. What else could we ask for?! 

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