Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sam's Major League debut

Sam Otis made his first of what is sure to be many trips to the ballpark. He, Elisa, Max and my folks were on hand for Opening Night.

I'm happy to report the Mariners won 3-0, which means the Mariners have won every game Sam's attended. We'll call him our good luck charm. 

Certificate recognizing Sam's first game
Sam just as interested in his big brother as anything else these days
Mom and Sam settling in for pre-game
Husky Coach Steve Sarkisian and the kid I've been singing "Bow Down to Washington" to since he was in uetero.
Max did his dad proud and dropped a "Go Dawgs" on Sarkisian when he met him.
Coach Sark and a Husky pup.
Max was pumped to reunite with some familiar faces and friends at the ballpark.
While Sam made friends with some of my coworkers.
Grandma Patti and her little grand slam grandson
 And in case you missed it. We debuted our new HD video screen, the largest in baseball:

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