Monday, May 20, 2013

Can we? Yes we Spokane.

We took the boys on a five-hour car ride across the state to visit family in Spokane over the the past few days. It was our first stop on our two-part, week-long vacation to the Lilac City and Lake Chelan. 

Speaking of first stops, we made it three hours into our trip before we stopped for a quick hike up to visit Wild Horses Monument.
This is the picture that made me feel like we were on vacation.
Max's adventure continued in the tree house in his grandparent's front yard.
He loved it so much he asked if we could spend the night up there. 
Sam got his first taste of whiskey.
About 12 hours later Max gave him his first taste of solid food.
Max made himself at home at Spokane's Riverfront Park riding the iron horse.
The carousel horse.
And of course... a real horse.
He also took a fully-clothed trip through the fountain, which I was unprepared for. Hence my hoodie, which he proudly wore around town. 
And what looks better than daddy's hoodie? Daddy's hoodie with a new pair of orange shoes.

Spokane was exhausting. 
We came, we saw and we took a picture.
Thanks, Spokane.

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