Sunday, September 22, 2013

Meet the M's

A couple of weeks ago I took Max and Sam to an autograph signing at Safeco Field that the team is nice enough to put on each year for the employees.  

Max was again polite and asked the players, "Please will you write on my ball?" He always followed up with an enthusiastic, "Thank you," as well. 

Here are some of the photos: 

Max met all the players. From Ackley...
To Zunino. 
Brandon Maurer made Max work for his autograph. 
I think Taijuan Walker is just a couple years older than older than Max.
Felix signed a ball...
And a sleeping baby. (Sam was wearing his tiny King's Court shirt)
All hail the King. 
You can tell Raul has five kids. He dropped some knowledge about Max's favorite cartoons, including Caillou.
All and all a fun day for me and the boys. Even if Griffey did try to eat them at the end. 

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