Sunday, March 15, 2015

Birthday boys

Max and I celebrated our Pisces birthdays over the past few weeks. The highlights are below:

Max's party started with mama Elisa's corn dogs... lots of 'em. 

For lots of kids. 

See if you can guess the theme of the party?

And after we blow out some candles...

It was time to eat cake 

Or crush it, if you were Sam

And then go dominate the cheese curl bowl

And we wrapped it up by unwrapping a few presents.

My birthday was a different sort of party. Our old neighbors had us up for the weekend to their family lodge, Heaven Can Wait.

Max got to catch up with his lifelong friend, Cosimo

And with his one year older man

Sam got to ride... or at least sit on a tractor

It was a beautiful setting for some quality family time 

We made a campfire for smores

The boys searched for bugs

And I found the perfect home away from home for my birthday 

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