Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Third Birthday, Sam-I-Am!

Today we culminated three days of celebrations for our wonderful, sweet and crazy three year old, Sam. 

Let's review:

Sunday we kicked things off with a Cat in the Hat/Dr. Suess-themed party at the house  

We of course had the signature dish, green eggs and ham

And everyone was decked out 

Sam blew out the candles on one of Mama Elisa's homemade beignets

Then it was time for presents 

And more presents 

And more friends to help open presents 

Grandma Patti helped Sam with his new  jellyfish from Auntie Katherine

It all wrapped up with a dance party!

The festivities continued at Sam's preschool with cupcakes and Thing 1 hats

Our Thing 2

And the grand finale...

A Top Pot donut with mommy, daddy and Max this morning. 

Happy Birthday, Sam. We love you. 

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