Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Vacation... finally

One of the many highlights was our day spent on a rented boat

The smiles are are a good sign up that the boys were having the a good time

And Max described the innertube rides as "Better than awesome. They're epic!"

Although, I think the expression on his face is the best descriptor of all

Hanging out with mom wasn't all that bad either

Nor was fishing with your bare hands

The boys and our boat.

It was a fun, but exhausting day, especially for Sam O

Bedtime stories with mom

Heading to Fish Lake to fish the lake the next day

Everybody caught one!

Snacks and chill out time

My crazy critters

A fitting end to a great trip. Nature put on a show with a rainbow and...

Some amazing star gazing in the backyard
After a busy stretch at work this summer, it was time for our first family vacation in about a year.

We rented a cabin two hours east of Seattle on the Wenatchee River with some family friends. We had four boys, three adults, two dogs and one really good time.

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