Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Tell Tour: The Boys

Adam and I have had a friendly rivalry over who is the better uncle to Rob's son, Ben. I have Mariners tickets, unlimited access to Safeco Field and the Mariner Moose in my corner. How are you going to top that unless you work for Willy Wonka?

Well, to announce the big news to my two best friends, I decided to relinquish the "Greatest Uncle" title to Adam. Of course, I'm not giving it up that easily. There's an asterisk on the shirt noting that the moniker is only "valid after 3/5/09."

Rob got a shirt, too. He's going to be a terrific uncle, just like he's a terrific dad. I'm thrilled to have both these guys and their lovely wives be a part of the grape's life.

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Anonymous said...

Selfishly speaking, it is awesome to see these pictures on your blog, Gregg! I followed the link to your blog off of facebook to understand further the details of your expected little one! BIG CONGRATULATIONS are in order! I'm so excited for you...I can just imagine what an AMAZING father you will be!

(If you need any advice from a seasoned mom and/or childbirth know who to turn to!)

Please pass my well-wishes onto Adam and Rob...