Saturday, November 22, 2008

Week 25: Ruta-wha?

I'll admit it. Our weekly produce update sent me scrambling over to Wikipedia to actually see what a rutabaga is. Did you know that this root vegetable, also called a swede, was originally produced as a cross between a cabbage and a turnip? (Two great tastes that taste great together!) And in the UK prior to pumpkins, they carved rutabaga's for Halloween! I'm sure some 14-year old just posted that on Wikipedia for kicks.

I digress. Back to the grape.
He's been an active bugger this week. Besides the copy machine, he has a new favorite sound to boogie to... Mozart. Apparently, he has gotten really excited a few times when Elisa had classical music playing, which would indicate he has either his mom or Grandpa Greene's taste for classical music. Thankfully, he won't be getting my crappy pop-music-loving gene. Sorry, Kanye.

We're off to an 8-hour childbirth prep class tomorrow. I may elect to test out the epidural about halfway through.

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