Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Sam took his first steps!

For months, Sam has been dogged in his determination not to walk without the aid of a handhold. True, this, and his new-found love of climbing the stairs, bodes well for his future as a mountain climber. However, his refusal to walk by himself had begun to bother us. Even peer pressure failed. Surrounded by other toddlers, did he want to walk too? No. Not at all.

Yesterday, though, he decided that standing by himself might be ok, if it was on our bed, surrounded by pillows. Half of the fun of that must have been falling, because he giggled every time he did it.

Today, he decided that at least a few steps after standing up on the living room carpet, wouldn't be so bad, at least with his mom at arm's length. I was so thrilled that he couldn't stop squealing and clapping, as I squealed and clapped. Now, we'll see what he does tomorrow. Hopefully, marathons will be a ways away.

(by Elisa)

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