Thursday, March 6, 2014

High on five

We wrapped up a week long celebration of Max's fifth birthday. It started with a birthday dinner with family and culminated in a Curious George themed, corn-dog-fueled party this past weekend. 

Our little man was pumped for the festivities, repeatedly asking how long it was until his party, who was coming to his party and please for the love God make sure there are balloons at the party.  

Here are some more highlights:

Grandma and Grandpa G took Max to Toys R Us with a $25 budget to get whatever he wanted...

What he wanted was a Dusty Dustcropper from the "Planes" movie. 

The "Planes" continued in Duplo form.

Cake #1 of 2

Sharing cake #1 of 2 with child #2 of 2
The Curious George cake... banana, of course. 

Cake with Cosimo

Really embracing the Curious George theme

The Man in the Yellow Hat and his other little monkey

Even Winnie got into the spirit

And it wouldn't be Max's birthday without Elisa's homemade corn dogs!

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