Friday, February 13, 2009


No, 4-for-3 is not the newest Mariners ticket promotion. Save the smart comments from the peanut gallery. There's lots to be excited about in MarinerLand! The 4-for-3 is in reference to the shower the folks from the office threw for the three daddies above, who are expecting four babies. Sorry mom, Elisa and I are only having one of those.

Mike Aceto (middle) is expecting twin boys in April and and Michael Ferguson (right) is expecting his third bundle of joy anytime now.

You can tell the ladies in the office decorated because none of the fellas would've even laid down a table cloth. Nice job!
Thanks for the thoughtful gifts for the grape. We can't wait to bring him to the park to introduce him to everyone... with the possible exception of the Moose. That could mean years of therapy down the road.

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