Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Elisa's girlfriends, spearheaded by Noelle (soon to be know as Auntie Noelle), threw her a shower last Sunday at Cafe Flora, leaving me home to eat onion dip and potato chips and watch the Superbowl pre-game show.
Man, I'm gonna make a great dad.

I love the pic above of happy Elisa unwrapping the blanket from and made by Sara and Lucia. Nice work ladies! Our little dude will look awesome all wrapped up snug in your handiwork.

Kelly and Traci waiting to be served. Waiter!

The aforementioned blanket-making, crime-fighting duo of Sara & Lucia.

And the lady that made it all happen... Noelle!
Elisa was also excited that Megan, Melissa & Kat were able to join in the breakfast and baby festivities (I just didn't find any pictures of them at the event--sorry)! In facing her new role as a mom, it's good to know that she has such wonderful friends.
From Elisa: Thank you Melissa, Megan, Kat, Kelly, Traci, Lucia, Sarah and, most especially, Noelle for an amazing baby shower! I am very touched by all of your support and affection as I face this new chapter in my life.
PS-I'm also very touched by everyone else who wanted to come by was felled by this dreadful cold season.

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